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Welcome All, I'm so happy you're here!

Before we dive in I'm giving you a little background on what to expect with this course and how it's formatted. While I do suggest that you work through the material in the order presented, there is no specific time frame required for this work. You can dip in and dip out as you need, and always feel free to come back and re-visit any material again!

All your downloads are available in the Final Thoughts section; you may choose to go through all the modules first and then print them out, or print them out and follow them alongside the modules - do what works for you!

Most of all, take it easy. This material can be heavy and triggering for many of us, so please, take breaks when you need to, and even designate a person you can reach out to talk to if you become triggered or emotional. Stay rested, hydrated, and as judgement free as you can - this is a space for love and learning, and I'm so grateful and thrilled to be here with you!