Guiding Principles + Hoped For Learning Outcomes

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It's almost go time!

Before we begin our 5 day journey together, let's get clear on what body positivity is, and how exactly we'll be bringing it into our classrooms during this challenge.

Body positivity is the idea that all bodies are good bodies, despite any outside (cultural, societal or personal) pressures. It's the idea that our bodies are perfect, just the way they are. Seen through a dance lens, I interpret this to mean all bodies are good bodies for dancing, and that dance is for anybody who has a body.

During this challenge we'll learn tools to support our students (and ourselves) in their journey to become more body positive. (And make no mistake, this is a journey, it will evolve and grow and change many, many times.)

We'll do this with:

  • affirmations
  • movement
  • mantras
  • journaling/Discovery Sheets
  • conversations
  • games/activities
  • meditations

Every day (Mon-Fri), you'll receive:

  • An affirmation or positive statement to use in class with your dance students.
  • You’ll also receive a movement mantra, a simple exercise students can use to get out of their heads and into their bodies.
  • A daily journal prompt, for either you, your students, or both.
  • A daily video from me with details, explanations, and encouragement.

This challenge is adaptable for any age of student, from your littles to your adults, and I'll address any modifications or differences for various age groups when each new day's material is presented.

I also suggest you stay with the group on the daily activities. This way you'll have the entire group with you to give feedback and share solutions. If you absolutely have to you can skip a day or come back to this work.

Now, onto our guiding affirmation and hoped for learning outcomes for this challenge. During this challenge, we will:

  1. Gain a deeper appreciation for all the things our bodies can do.
  2. Identify any limiting beliefs around our abilities + bodies.
  3. Learn to use positive statements + affirmations around those limiting beliefs to transform them into empowering actions that guide holistic dance training.

One last thing that's super important: this is a no shame/no blame space.

We've all come here, ready and willing to learn (pat yourself on the back)! This material may make you realize some not so great habits or beliefs you have about yourself, your abilities, and your relationship to your body and dance. It's important to remember that if/when those things come up, you not shame or blame yourself.

As the amazing Maya Angelou said: "When you know better, you do better."

Consider this challenge the part where you learn to do better so you can move forward doing better - for yourself, your students, and the dance community.

If, at any point, you do become triggered, please reach out to me, our community here in this challenge, or a trusted advisor, friend, or family member. Support is all around you.

Alright! Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions, or pumped up cheers for us!