Building Better Body Image in Dancers

Video and Workbook Bundle

Powerful practices that support body image resilience, mental health, and transform dancers from critical to confident.

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For too long, dance education and dance culture have placed looks, performance, and competition before the mental and physical health of dancers. Dance Educators play a special role in breaking the harmful traditions and practices that have been perpetuated in dance culture through generations.

This video & workbook bundle includes:

  • Recording of the Building Better Body Image in Dancers webinar
  • Webinar Workbook to use alongside the video recording - includes worksheets for dance students

If you’re a dance teacher who wants to instill body confidence in their students, but been unsure of where to start, or what to say or do (or not do), this is the bundle to set you up for success!

You'll discover:

  • Research backed data for why it's especially difficult for dancers to have positive body image
  • Powerful practices to transform dancer mindset from critical to confident
  • Action steps you can implement to foster an inclusive and accepting dance studio culture

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  Building Better Body Image in Dancers
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Hey there! I'm Katrena, the CEO of Different Drummer Dance, a dance studio and online education platform on a mission to bring much needed mental, emotional, and physical wellness to dancers and dance teachers.

As a former professional dancer, I desperately needed wellness tools on body positivity, growth mindset, and mental health. If I had had knowledge and resources on these topics as a young dancer, my career would have been totally different: longer, healthier, and way, way happier.

Once I began teaching professionally, I saw even more clearly how much my students also needed these skills. I was tired of seeing dancers be obsessed with body image and restrictive eating. Tired of seeing students plagued by self doubt, comparison and self hatred. Over the burnout, constant injuries and toxic language, habits and traditions.

So I decided to start creating the resources I had needed as a young dancer and teacher. My courses, workshops, webinars and resources focus on creating the change I want to see in the dance world, and creating a more inclusive, diverse, equal and kind dance industry. Because I believe it’s time we left dancers better than we found them.

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The price is $97. Sales and special discounts may occasionally be offered!
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Refunds are not available at this time, but should you have any trouble with the course, or concerns, please reach out to [email protected]

What if going to dance class helped students feel better about their body, rather than worse?

Dance class is the perfect place to be in awe of your body.

We balance, leap, turn, stretch, create, defy gravity, build muscle and shape grace with our bodies in dance class. We do amazing things, all of which should make us crazy respectful, and in awe of our bodies.

So why do so many dancers wind up with body image insecurities, body dysmorphia, eating disorders, injuries, and burnout?

It's time dance classes taught dancers to focus on all the ways their bodies are strong, capable, adaptable, and resilient; rather than teaching them their bodies are too big, too tall, too round, too weak... too much, and yet not enough at the same time.

Join the Body Kind Dance Club! Where dancers befriend their body, calm the inner critic, and rise with resilience.