StudioZen 12 Course Bundle

Miracle tools to ignite dancer confidence & wellbeing!

We can prioritize the mental + physical health of dancers not in sacrifice of excellence, but in order to sustain excellence.

Dancers are in dire need of wellness tools.

Things like body kindness, growth mindset, injury prevention and burnout management.

When we bring these tools to the dance classroom, we ignite dancer progress, engagement and motivation! Let's raise the next generation of dancers to be happy and healthy by giving them the wellness tools they need to thrive.

This Bundle contains all the practical, easy to use tools dance teachers need to bring wellness center stage in their classrooms!

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Choose a Pricing Option

Hi, I’m Katrena!

I'm the Director and Founder of Different Drummer Dance, and your guide for StudioZen! I'm on a mission to bring much needed mental, emotional, and physical wellness to dancers and dance teachers. 

This 12 course bundle contains everything you need to build a wellness practice for your dance students. From growth mindset to nutrition, body kindess and injury prevention, you'll find easy to use and effective tools to give your students a healthy relationship to their minds and bodies - so their technique can flourish and thrive!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

If you are unsatisfied with your bundle, reach out to us to see if your purchase is eligible for a refund.

What's included with my purchase?

12 courses that focus on an element of dancer wellness, such as Nutrition, Mindfulness, Body Kindness and Injury Prevention. Each course includes a video training and worksheets for your dancers.

Who teaches the courses?

Mostly me (Katrena!), but in some courses I'm joined by Guest Experts like Lauren Ritchie and Leslie Scott!